We proposes resale destination from rich sales channels due to own network. We will sell products through domestic sales channels, overseas sales channels, online sales and real store sales. We will propose resale destination according to requests of clients.
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About purchasing electric appliances


Surplus inventory of appliances also happens for various reasons.
Model change of products, package change, manufacturer name change, brand name change, damage to package etc.
There are many cases that new items become inventory.
If you are still able to use it, please leave it to us.
Distribution routes are also proposed according to customers, so stock disposal can be done in a manner that does not affect the market price.


Suggestions at our company

■ Area · sales condition specification
We will interview the customer first and select the area to be distributed.
You can also choose the method of reselling.
Please specify sales area, designate dealer, designate selling method.
I will make an optimal proposal.

■ Closed market
Depending on the product, there are cases where inventory digestion in the open market is difficult.
In that case we will propose inventory digestion in the closed market.
Purchase as corporate / personal use products, novelty use of events, etc.
We will propose it according to customers.

■ Overseas sales
When selling electric appliances to overseas, we will select the country of the selling destination by the operating voltage.
Because the working voltage is different, although it is a difficult place, stock disposal is possible by our sales route.
Please contact us first.

Products handled

■ Business electrical appliances
■ Household appliances
■ Digital home appliances
■ PC
■ Mobile phone

Our client

■ Electric machinery manufacturer
■ Home Appliance Mass Store
■ Mail order company
■ Dealers · electronics stores

Reference sales destination

■ Dealer
■ Discount shop
■ EC site
■ Company