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Advantage and disadvantage of stock disposal


There are various ways to dispose stock.
We will introduce advantage and disadvantage respectively.


Advantage of disposal it can be said that it is the simplest way because clients only request to dispose the bad stock.
It won’t take time because there is no need to organize and sort inventory.
And we can avoid that cheap products go on sale.
It is possible to dispose stock together.

Disadvantage of disposal because products will be disposed, products will not be passed to clients who need them.
From the point of view of eco (nature conservation), it is pointed out that labor force and natural resources related to commodity production.
Just spend cost of waste disposal.
Although warehouse cost and inventory management costs can be reduced, assets of stock recorded as asset will be lost.

Sale and bargain sale

Advantage because stock is sold as bargain article, it is easy to manage the schedule and reduce stock relatively easily.
Because sales profit of stock are generated, stock can be cahsed.

There is possible to sell products difficultly.
There is a risk linked with brand damage.
Personnel expenses about resale will be spent.
First of all, stock can’t be disposed together.

Request to stock purchase company

There is a sense of security because negotiations can be also requested face to face.
It is easy to communicate information.

The time of the meeting is necessary.
It takes a certain amount of time to request estimate.
It is necessary to differentiate company due to product category because stock purchase companies have their strong and weak field.

Request to stock purchase website

Advantage because we hold many resale channels, clients don’t need to worry about the bad influence to existing brand.
It is possible to support clients remotely.
It doesn’t take time for transaction.

Disadvantage comparing with the transaction face to face, clients will feel anxiety because there are no negotiations face to face basically.
It takes a certain amount of time to request estimate.