We proposes resale destination from rich sales channels due to own network. We will sell products through domestic sales channels, overseas sales channels, online sales and real store sales. We will propose resale destination according to requests of clients.
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About purchasing apparel items


n 2018, the news of the incineration disposal of stocks of major apparel brands made the public a shame.
If you use sale sales frequently because you can not sell at a fixed price, it will be harder to sell products at a fixed price, which will lead to lower brand value.
There are many companies that dispose of inventory at the choice of bitterness to protect the brand value.
However, it is not possible to recover production and selling costs by disposing of it, and criticism is also invited as waste of product resources.
Acts done to protect the brand value may lead to brand damage.
We will re-sell without lowering the brand value.

Suggestions at our company

■ Tag cut
Cut the brand tag · quality display tag and resell it.
All parts containing brand name · manufacturer are cut.
Depending on the material of the item, it may not be possible to cut tags, but in that case we suggest other methods.
All cut tags are returned to the customer.

■ Name change
We will re-sell the product name by remodeling the product name to the resale destination brand.
Replace the brand name · quality display tag · badger tag.
All the removed names are returned to the customer.

■ Overseas sales
If it is a brand that is distributed in the domestic market, we propose sales to overseas markets that are not in circulation.
By selling in a market that is not in circulation, it prevents the decline of the brand value.
The choice of the reseller is decided by a meeting with the customer.

■ Event use
By digesting inventory items at event events, you can prevent a decline in brand value.
We make regular proposals to our suppliers.
We will disclose corporate information of the resale destination.


Products handled

■ Women’s
■ Men’s
■ Kids
■ Apparel goods
■ Hats
■ Shoes
■ Bags

Our client

■ Apparel manufacturer
■ Department store
■ Major supermarket and mass merchandisers
■ OEM manufacturer
■ Mail order company
■ Dealer · Apparel shop

Reference sales destination

■ Apparel shop · Select shop
■ Discount shop
■ EC site
■ Event events